How to Improve Your Online Profile (Part 4 of 4)

Social Media

This article will focus on two key social media sites that can help you make massive gains in website exposure. It takes time and patience before these sites can help yield the results that you are looking for. Don’t expect results immediately after you tell your social network about your site and make sure to update them on how your site is doing from time to time.


Facebook is important because your friends and family may be able to help expand your business by spreading the word about your website. It is key for any business owner to utilize their social network in order for your website to gain exposure. As long as you have at least one person spreading the word about your site, you can start a chain of other people learning about your site.

This chain is possible because that one person will tell a few people about your site. Those few people may go on to tell a few more people about your site and the process goes on. This creates the possibility of an exponential growth all because you told one person about your site. Imagine how much greater this growth would be if each individual in your social network told a few people of their own about your site. You could end up with hundreds of thousands or even millions visiting your site over time. Again, you have to be patient in terms of waiting for this growth and you must continuously update people on your business. Nothing happens quickly over the short term.


LinkedIn is excellent for showcasing your skill set as well as giving others a sense of your academic and work background. As the owner of a new business, it will always be your responsibility to establish your credibility as an owner. This means that you must prove that you are educated enough and have the right skill set to run a business successfully. You can place all your work experience and skills so that prospective customers can see your professional background.

LinkedIn is different from Facebook in that it requires you to demonstrate your commitment to professionalism as opposed to your casual behavior. When you build your profile, you must make sure that you use a professional photo as opposed to a casual photo of you. That means you must be in business attire, properly groomed with a normal hairstyle (no wild hairstyles, wildly colored hair, or hair that was not properly combed or cut), and in a professional setting when you take this picture. You must also make sure to be completely honest when writing your academic background as well as skill set.

Also of note is that both sites are great sources of learning about various networking groups that are available in your area. You can search on Facebook and LinkedIn for networking groups that suit your business needs. It is very important to utilize both sites because they have the potential to bring you hundreds or thousands of customers if you are patience and perseverant about your approach.